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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Zalora College Party Series - Last Leg

This is it, kids! It's the last leg of our ZALORA College Party Series! Its been wicked every single Friday night of June, and we're not expecting UP to go down without a fight! You know we're not ending this series and this month without a BANG, so for the LAST TIME, come one, come all--party with us, and show us your inner rebel dying to break free for one more night of wild child madness!

WHO: YOU + all your friends
WHERE: 7TH High, the Fort
WHEN: June 29, OPEN BAR from 10-11PM
WHY: B*tch, please. You know why! ;)

Featuring the mixes and spins of
DJ Alley Kat, Patty Tiu, Kat DJ,
and ZALORA's International DJ, Clyde Harris
to send the night into a haze!

Get a chance to win a P15,000 GC from SoFA just by shopping at least P500 from ZALORA! Click here: http://on.fb.me/MuEXQp

See you all there, party monsters!!
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Mayhem at the launch of the newest Axe fragrances

Axe, the #1 male fragrance brand in the world, made the wildest fantasies of one hundred very lucky guys come true at the launch of its newest fragrance – Axe Anarchy.  The event – called The Axe Anarchy Raid – lets loose the sexiest women in the country on a gang of helpless, handcuffed guys in a steamy game of tag.  And as if drop-dead gorgeous female celebrities and models weren’t enough, Axe made the game even more outrageous by offering a two million-peso reward to the winning pair.  Crazy?  You bet.

Ramon Bautista gets to make co-host Marc Nelson to feel his 6-pack abs.

“This is the first and maybe the only time that Axe is coming out with matching his and hers fragrances,” says Axe brand manager Raf Hechanova.  “So we thought we would launch Axe Anarchy with the wildest, most insane idea we could think of.”

Behind the scenes: Divine Lee, Chariz Solomon, Sheena Halili, Ashley Rivera, Sam Pinto, Sarah Lahbati, and Ryza Cenon pose for a photo.

The Axe Anarchy Raid gets one hundred of the hottest girls in the country – the likes of Sam Pinto, Ellen Adarna, Iwa Moto, Jacq Yu, Regine Angeles, Nina Jose, Megan Young, Nadine Samonte, Sarah Lahbati, and many more – to search for a their match among one hundred lucky guys.  The prize?  A cool two million pesos for the first pair to rendezvous – one million for the cop and another million for her robber.  Sounds easy?  Well, there’s a catch.  The girls had to look under the guys’ shirts and do a bit of frisking to find their match.

“We pretty much went overboard with this one,” adds Axe brand manager Gem Laforteza.  “Things just kinda’ got out of hand.” 

The game started with a loud police siren that released the Robbers (the guys) from their holding area.  It looked more like a jail break than a robbery.  One hundred guys – among them the Boys Night Out, RX 93.1 DJ Gino Quillamor, GMA Leading Man Rocco Nacino, and Victor Basa – were literally tripping over each other in a mad rush to get to the other side of the field where the girls were.

But before the Robbers could get to the Cops, they had to squeeze through 20 beauty-queen-type girls (called “Wardens”) and 20 big bouncer-type guys (called “Marshalls”).  These beauties and beasts were tasked to keep the guys and the girls away from one another by arresting the guys and putting them back in jail.  The game of tag quickly turns into patintero as the gorgeous Wardens tried to tackle guys who were literally leaping away to avoid getting caught.  Meanwhile the burly Marshalls were lifting guys off their feet to deliver them back to their holding areas.  Utter chaos.

Getting tackled: More fun in the Philippines.
Ayaw papigil:  DJ Tony getting tackled by a warden.

“I totally forgot that the bouncers could put us under arrest,” narrates The Morning Rush DJ Gino Quillamor.  “I was suddenly reminded when one of them lifted me up by the shoulders.”

Regine Angeles and Jinri Park in a sea of girls.

As the Robbers got through to the other side, the Cops were released from their holding area and a different kind of chaos began.  Imagine playing as a Robber: You’d just be standing there letting the girls almost rip your shirt off for a glimpse of the code underneath.

Robber is traumatized.  There’s just too many girls in the game.

“First there would only be two or three of them,” recounts one of the guys.  “But then more would come.  And before you know it, six or eight pairs of hands are on you.  All you could do was look at their faces.  Everyone was having fun.”

Police brutality:  fourteen girls vs. one guy.

In the end, two people – internet superstar Ashley Rivera (A.K.A. “Petra Mahalimuyak”) and journalist Eric Losloso – took home the millions.  But everyone went home with an experience they would never forget. 

Ashley Rivera and Eric Losloso bring home the millions.
Experience Axe’s signature brand of uncontrollable attraction with new Axe Anarchy For Him and For Her.  Anarchy For Him is a fresh mix of fruity and woody notes for a sweet but masculine fragrance.  While Anarchy For Her is a succulent mix of fruity, woody, and floral notes for a luscious and feminine fragrance.  Find out more about Axe Anarchy at www.facebook.com/AxePhilippines.
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Monday, June 25, 2012



Hey Team BlackBerry! Have you registered to the most amazing party ever?

Don’t dare miss the fun and cool prizes to be given away!

Here's how to RSVP:
1. Add us on BBM by scanning the Barcode! Alternatively, you may add our BlackBerry pin: 280EA6CD
2. Tweet “@BlackBerryPH I’m rockin’ the night on June 29! #JoinTheConversation #BlackBerryPilipinasRocks" or share this facebook invite on your page with the status message "I’m rockin’ the night on June 29! #JoinTheConversation"
3. You will then receive a message from the official BlackBerry Pilipinas BBM, confirming your RSVP.

Entrance is FREE for every BlackBerry device owner. Just make sure to present your BlackBerry units upon entrance and POOF! - get ready to party!

Twitter : @BlackBerryPH
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Saturday, June 23, 2012

B.U.M. Equipment : Bag to School

BUM shows the young how to go back to school in style

Standing out at school doesn’t mean you have to constantly challenge the rules and break your school’s dress code.

So before you walk down the crowded hallway again, make sure you’re clad in cool pieces and armed with the right accessories that would reflect your no-nonsense rebel attitude.

Taking off from its successful “Teevolution” campaign, which called forth an outpour of vibrant colors, bold prints, and graphic ethnic patterns, innovative brand BUM helps the youngsters today stand out by upping their style quotient and street cred before the school year starts.

Veering away from the normal and the ordinary design concepts of most local clothing labels, BUM comes up with stylish yet functional bags that carry the brand’s style philosophy: the Modern Goth Look with a touch of Glam Rock (think studded pieces, motorcycle jackets, tapered pants, oversized shirts, and the like).

This utilitarian concept was made casual by BUM, turning motorcycle jackets into cropped ones, and with notched collar jackets for boys. They can also go for the “casual cool” look with chino cuffed pants that allow them to swing from schoolwork to play without breaking a sweat.

Girls, who love pieces that can be mixed and matched with their favorite tops and bottoms, will be delighted to know that BUM has whipped up something new for them, as well. BUM introduces the rayon fabric for girls and exciting new designs such as 2-in-1 tops, casual blazers, and blouses with built-in mini designed to look like tunics.

Skinny jeans and jeggings have also found their way into BUM’s new collection. Stylish yet comfortable, these pants can flatter any shape and can be worn with a baggy top, a comfy cardigan, or a fitted jacket to create proportion. Girls with short legs can pair these with heels (stilettos or knee-high boots), while long-legged girls can opt for comfy flats.

Making a statement, however, is not limited to a person’s wardrobe. BUM has also come up with trendy bags that can complete one’s  getup.

Splashed with catchy, statement patterns, the BUM Tote bag for girls/teens, for instance, are printed with provocative messages that speak volumes about the wearer’s personality or mood for the day.

Made of printed canvas mixed with poly-fine fiber, the BUM Reversible Bag is designed with eye-catching patterns and minimal accent details. Since both sides (inner and outer) have designs, it’s like having two bags in one!


Going back to school has never been this cool and fashionable.

BUM is available in leading department stores nationwide. For more information, visit www.bumequipment.com.ph or like them on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/bumequip.
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Friday, June 22, 2012



How would you like to enter the world of male strippers? In the highly anticipated Magic Mike, starring Channing Tatum (The Vow, Step Up) in the title role, you're in for some exciting discoveries about this erotic job some men get into. Directed by Oscar winner Steven Soderbergh (Traffic, Erin Brockovich), Tatum is joined by Alex Pettyfer (Beastly, I Am Number Four), Matt Bomer (White Collar TV series), Joe Manganiello (True Blood TV series) and Matthew McConaughey (Contact, A Time To Kill). Five hunks in one movie equals 5 times the hotness!

Magic Mike (Tatum) is a veteran stripper who brings a young dancer called “The Kid” (Pettyfer) to Xquisite, a club where he works at, and introduces him to the owner, Dallas (McConaughey) and the other guys, Big Dick Richie (Manganiello) and Ken (Bomer). Seeing that The Kid has potential for the job and interest to earn easy money, Magic Mike mentors him in the arts of stripping and hustling on and off stage. Meanwhile, Magic Mike meets his protege's sister (Cody Horn), and falls for her. But his lifestyle gets in the way.

Tatum co-produces this movie which is inspired by his own experience as a stripper in his late teens in Tampa, Florida. The steamy choreography will not only expose the men's chiseled physique, but their dancing skills as well. A group number where these five hotties rip off their Army fatigues and get down and dirty in their thongs is just one of the many jaw-dropping scenes the film promises. Let Magic Mike take you to this one-of-a-kind world of ecstasy starting July 11 as it opens in theaters. From Viva International Pictures and Multivision Pictures.

Watch Trailer Here: 

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The Smart Araneta Coliseum, also known as the Big Dome, has been host to numerous iconic moments in Philippine sports and entertainment history. It is the mecca of the sporting events such as the PBA, UAAP, and NCAA. At the same time, top music acts that played at the Big Dome include the Black Eyed Peas, Maroon 5, Kylie Minogue, Lady Gaga, Lifehouse, and Incubus. It secured its place in boxing and basketball history as the home of the famous “Thrilla in Manila” and “NBA Ultimate All-Star Weekend.” Apart from these, the Big Dome also has an enviable place in history as the place that Blessed John Paul II anointed as “the colosseo of papal audiences.” At present, the Big Dome hosts more than 250 events a year.

Because of this, the Big Dome treasures its unique connection with generations of fans, international and local performing artists and legion of athletic heroes since its first show in 1952.

Fast forward to 2012.

The Big Dome is deep into its EXTREME TRANSFORMATION. The Smart Araneta Coliseum is treasuring its glorious heritage as well as leveling up to more state of the art venue features. Not only will its customers enjoy the prestige of watching their favorite sporting event and artists in a venue with such a storied history, it will also do so with extreme viewer pleasure. Michael Noah, Chief Operating Officer of United Promotions Inc., the management arm of the leisure and entertainment interests of the Araneta Group including the Smart Araneta Coliseum says, “The Extreme Transformation of the Big Dome begins with the majestic façade and interiors of the new Green Gate. The Green Gate welcomes everyone to state –of-the-art features starting with the larger entrance, improved kiosks for retail, scanners at the turnstiles for quicker and more efficient audience entry, and a concourse with LED signages, climate controlled space and video systems.” Noah further explains, “The transformation gets even more exciting when the customer enters the coliseum and approaches his new seat. There will be new flooring, ceilings, lighting and seats for viewer comfort. There will also be more rest rooms with newer features. ”

Noah said that the Big Dome also boasts of the ideal elevation and classic coliseum seating arrangement that meets international standards. “Unlike other venues, our elevation is just right. Audiences, especially kids who get overly excited during ball games and kiddie shows need not worry about falling over themselves in steeply-inclined seats. You can have the time of your life, dancing and cheering without the fear of falling over the edge,” Noah emphasizes.

Adding to these perks are the conveniences of parking plus access points to the shopping and dining options in and outside the coliseum. Through the new parking building’s second and third levels, customers can enter the coliseum and to their respective sections with ease. There will be drop off points at the new Green Gate. The South Gate entrance will likewise be restored allowing access to the coliseum. One can also find a whole lot of dining and shopping options before and after the coliseum events because escalators from the Big Dome will transport the customers to the award-winning Gateway Mall and the upcoming Gateway Tower.

But the viewers are not the only ones to benefit from the Big Dome’s Extreme Transformation. Even the performers and players are in for a great surprise.

Athletes and sports fans will rave over the new sports lighting that will bathe the coliseum interiors. The coliseum’s construction consultants made sure that acoustics, floor and playing conditions are excellent and at par with the world’s best venues.

Over at the back of house, promoters, artists and athletes will love the new locker rooms. The media will also have its designated press room equipped with all the technological tools to transmit their stories in real time. During half-time or during intermission breaks, everyone can enjoy the entertainment and sports club at the front of house.

“You will feel the energy during concerts and sporting events like never before at the Big Dome after this extreme transformation. It’s like the Grand Dame of venues is sporting a brand new hair-do like the Madison Square Garden, says Noah.

With a transformation as extreme as that, there is no doubt that just like the Madison Square Garden, the Big Dome will continue to be the cultural icon of the country.
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7 For All Mankind : Party Nights @ Republiq

Greetings from 7 For All Mankind, the World’s Premiere Brand of Luxury Denim – Lifestyle Products!

 7 For All Mankind invites YOU to 7 Friday Nights of pure unadulterated Clubbing Experience.

No frills, no program, just you and us enjoying a party together.

Join us for every Friday from June 22-August 3, 2012 starting 10 PM until 1 AM.

This Invite covers Free Entrance, Free Drinks and a fabulous night!

(Print This Invite)

Please call / text us at (+639209706748) OR Marketing Office (+63 8690103 loc. 106) or reply to this email to reserve your slot and present this E-Invite at the Republiq Reception to get your 7 For All Mankind 

Discount Voucher and Raffle Entry.
Lots of exciting Party Favors and Prizes from 7 For All Mankind await you!

*First 100 Guests get 7 FOR ALL MANKIND discount vouchers, plus a lot of surprises!

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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Bigfish Innovation White: Giveaway

Do you wanna come with me to Bigfish : Innovation White Party at World Trade Center on June 23, 2012???

If you do want to join me at the biggest event this June, follow the instructions below and I will raffle One Pass to come with me and join the Partee!!!

1. Like Soul and the E and Bigfish International on Facebook.
2. Follow me on Twitter @soul0019 and @Bigfishmanila
3. Follow me on Google Friend Connect or subscribe via email.
4. Share this post on your

Facebook with this message (dont forget to tag Soul and the E and Bigfish International)

"I wanna party hard with @Soul and the E to @Bigfish International #InnovationWhite Party. #WhitePartyWithSoulAndTheE"


"I wanna party hard with @soul0019 to @Bigfishmanila #InnovationWhite Party. #WhitePartyWithSoulAndTheE"

5. Comment your name, email address and the links of your share on Facebook & Twitter and the link of your tweet 4.
6. I will raffle one pass for every link you send.
7. You can do 3 and 4 daily to increase your chance to party with me on June 23, 2012.
8. I will announce the winner on June 22, 2012.

Lezgow! Work Hard! Party Harder!

*Transportation to the event not included.
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Friday, June 8, 2012




1st Prize 5 VIP Tickets
2nd Prize 3 VIP Tickets
3rd Prize 2 VIP Tickets
4th Prize 5 GEN AD Tickets
5th Prize 3 GEN AD Tickets

*VIP Access
*Access to the VIP only Area
*Unlimited Drinks by Wild Cocktails, Jose Cuervo, Jagermeister, Manila Beer and Tanduay Ice

11th White Party Manila
30 June 2012
9PM Saturday
Orosa Nakpil Streets Malate Manila

Tickets Available at all SM Tickets in Any SM Cinema Ticket Booths Nationwide!

You can reserve tickets by calling 02 470 2222!


1. Make sure that you have this pin:28908742 included in your list if you don't have Mentorque Productions Pin on ur contacts add it up!

2. Once you made sure that Mentorque Productions Pin is in your contact, copy this Broadcast, the ENTIRE BROADCAST MESSAGE.

3. Attached your pin, in the pin train below,

4. Broadcast this promo to all of your contacts and also to the required pin.

5. If you don't have the Mentorque Productions Pin on your contact DO NOT Send yet wait until your request is approved! Don't worry this BBM pin is open 24/7

6. It is required to BC this including Mentorque Productions Pin so that we can record your pin.

7. Lucky BBM Users would be picked from the pin train and we will announce trough BBM and www.facebook.com/mentorqueproductions at 6PM of June 24, 2012 .

8. We will PM the winners on how to claim your tickets!

Let's Start!

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Mentorque Productions and Pride Circuit Philippines

Together with

Tanduay Ice, San Miguel Brewery Inc., EZ Lubricating Jelly, Frenzy Condoms

In Cooperation with

PLUN.ASIA, Androgyny Productions, Don Cristobal, Mj Suayan Photography, LadLad, Task Force Pride, MCCQC, Gaudium Pilipinas


30 JUNE 2012
9PM Saturday
Orosa Nakpil Streets Malate Manila

Music by

DJ Cal Soesanto
Androgyny Productions

DJ Jay Santos

DJ Jepoy

DJ Stone

Brought to you by

New Solanie Hotel
Fernbrook Gardens
Manila Beer
Jose Cuervo
SM Cinema
Wild Cocktails

With Participation of

Obar Ortigas
Obar Malate
Pride Exchange
The Library

GEN AD Php 150
VIP Php 500
*VIP Access
*Access to VIP Only Area
*Unlimited Drinks by Wild Cocktails, Jose Cuervo, Jagermeister, Tanduay Ice and Manila Beer

Tickets Available at all SM Tickets Outlet Nationwide
Call 02-4702222
*VIP Tickets are Limited

Rainbow Flag Philippines
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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Nicki Minaj Live In Manila Concert

Nicki Minaj Live In Manila Concert

As part of her Pink Friday Tour (a.k.a. Roman Reloaded Tour), the Nicki Minaj Live In Manila Concert will be held at the SM Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay City on July 11, 2012.
Photo Credits to http://www.songkick.com
The Manila leg is being presented by Wilbros Live, Globe and BlackBerry. Ticket prices have not been divulged yet.

Nicki Minaj Twitted June 07, 2012

Here are some songs listed for the Big Concert:

Moments for Life



Follow these on Twitter because they might giveaway Tickets to this event!

Blackberry Philippines : https://twitter.com/#!/BlackBerryPH
Mall of Asia Arena : https://twitter.com/#!/moaarena

Hands Up! and Touch the Sky!!!
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Golf Your Way to Father’s Day at Marriott Manila

Golf Your Way to Father’s Day at Marriott Manila

This June, we share our own fun way to uniquely indulge every great leader of the family—our dads! At Marriott Manila, we ensure that we’re the perfect venue to celebrate his life and love through golf.

Since it’s another event that deserves a grand blow out, food is always the first thing to consider especially for the man who takes time to enjoy family, hobby, and a good meal of course. If thinking where to eat on his special day, it would be great to consider a venue where dad can enjoy a hole-in-one treat from dining, accommodation, plus his love for golf!

Wake up the whole family a little earlier and head to Marriott Café for a taste of our most-talked about Sunday Brunch. Needless to say, there’s just something so endearing about a brunch especially at Marriott Café which has set the bar on the way we brunch—cozy, comforting, and basically has everything to satisfy an ever-fickle taste buds. For only P2, 500 net, the whole family is in to be treated with a spread that is purely gourmet. You cant’ go wrong with executive chef Meik Brammer’s 17 stations, featuring its newest additions such as oyster bar, chilled seafood, salumiere, cheese studio, homemade pasta, yakitori, Chinese, and tandoor. Plus, Cru Steakhouse also incorporates its specialties such as Angus beef rib eye, strip loin steak, grilled fish, squid and veggies--which of course, every meat lover dad should never pass up! If you’re family is a fan of big, tender, and tasty slabs of steaks, you must have heard about our Cru. Our well marbled, precious steak slices that are usually saved up for special occasions can now be gorged limitless and enough to suffice the price for this brunch. And who would’ve thought that a martini bar is such as pleasure to enjoy this time of they day? With these well-crafted cocktails and great mixes, it will surely set the stage for dad’s extra special event.  Plus, our chocolate room that spells decadence is brimming with assorted chocolates and rich cake choices is always worth saving up the space for. Whether it’s for the romantic mom and dad or sweet-toothed siblings, this corner is bound to let you experience a taste of heaven.  And if you haven’t tasted just yet our sensational homemade gelato, it’s the best time to savor every flavor,   especially the famous Ferrero!  

What’s amazing with dads is that, they love all sort of action-packed bonding experience, especially if it’s a golf game. That’s why while enjoying brunch, an indoor putting station awaits all families that is guaranteed to bring fun and can make any family closer than ever. Make sure to bring out the best putt for a chance to win Marriott Manila gift certificates such as overnight stay, Java+, Marriott Café buffet, golf lessons, and freebies when dad makes it hole-in-one.

But if your goal is to surprise dad with a most romantic kind of date, book for a Cru Steakhouse dinner. For this occasion, sous chef Redj Casanova takes it up a notch with a special Father’s Day 4-course menu: Crispy soft shell crab salad, cream of chicken veloute, grilled grain fed Australian rib eye or pan roasted salmon fillet, and dark chocolate soufflé with Bailey’s ice cream--all at P4, 000 net.  And since it’s a day to be extra lavish, might as well consider treating him with a wine-by-the-glass which can add a wine tasting dimension to a meal. With its welcoming yet sophisticated fine dining vibe coupled by Cru’s personalized flair of service, dad will surely feel an amazing king of the day experience that he’ll probably talk about for years.

Another hands-down way to reward a hard working head of the family is by taking him at the Quan Spa, where he’s in to experience a whole new way to wholeness and wellness. Featuring Pevonia Detox massage for only P5, 950 net, this two-hour treatment is designed for distressing, detoxifying, and toning while taking away toxins and impurities of the body. This revered treatment for two hours is using Pevonia’s seaweed wrap teeming with nourishing extracts, guaranteed to revive and refresh a tired body. 

A grueling first half of the year deserves a much-awaited break, and kicking back with your family sounds heavenly. Why not take them at Marriott Manila and avail of the mid-year bonus room package? For only P9, 888++ per night when staying for two nights, the deluxe room accommodation is also inclusive of buffet breakfast for two—and an extra 3rd night for free plus a double Marriott Rewards points!

Who said that crafting a special event like this would be such a pain? At Marriott Manila, we offer a simple formula for an occasion that is worth remembering while getting out of the traditional.

For inquiries or reservations, call 988-9999.

An inviting beacon set in the world-class casino entertainment complex of Resorts World Manila, Marriott Hotel Manila is the place to work and play. Ideally located in Newport City across Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3, it is a convenient 15 minute drive from Makati Business District and Bonifacio Global City . Affording a splendid view of the adjoining 18-hole Villamor Golf Course, it boasts 342 exquisite guest accommodations that offers luxurious bedding, in-room safe, mini-bar, high-speed Internet, air conditioning, 40" full high definition LCDs with IPTV, videos on demand and jack pack plug-and-play system. The hotel features excellent dining options such as Marriott Cafe, Cru Steakhouse, Java+ and Lobby Lounge. Leisure facilities include Quan Spa, Health Club, Salon and Newport Mall. With a Grand Ballroom and several meeting rooms, Marriott Hotel Manila is also the ultimate destination for meetings and events, from weddings to gala dinner celebrations.
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