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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ano ba ang "love"?

In life, we encounter so many things... Relationship is different with Love. you can love a person without a relationship with that person, right? You can also have a relationship without loving that person.

Ano ba ang batayan ng "LOVE" para sayo? if love for you is two way, that will build a relationship. On the other hand, it's just delusion . Also, what are your limitations? Is your standard of a relationship is same with the person you're with? Relationship is two way. Between two people committing that they are one. No inhibitions, no hesitations.

Sa Love ba may mga tanong? I asked myself before... Ganto ba talaga ang Love? Puro tanong kung mahal ba niya ako? Bkt ganto kami? Bakit kalinagan ganito? Then it struck me, this is not the way Love works. I dont need to question anything because this is what I feel. This is what I want!!! Siya. He's wholeness...

Some months later, I proposed marriage to him. Kala ninyo Happy Ending? It was not! He rejected my proposal... Afer everything we've been through... Nadah! I was a nothing... because Im not part of his future plans. Ito pa nga ung isa eh... Her sister asked me... "What's your problem dear? Emo Emo ka? Love life?" I said, "Opo. Kapag pala nag propose ka ng marriage sa taong mahal mo tapos hindi nya tinanggap, dapat pala naghiwalay na kayo that moment. Di ka nya kasi kaya ipaglaban." Sabi ng ate nya, "Oo naman. Dapat hiwalay na kagad. Walang kwenta ung taong un eh." Kung alam lang ng ate nya na kapatid nya ung tinutukoy ko, baka iba ang sinabi nya.

Will you still trust your partner after you proposed marriage to him/her and didnt say yes? Will it be the same? Will "Love" be lessen?
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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Condura Skyway Marathon Racekit Giveaway from FTWMagazine

Wanna race for the Condura Skyway Marathon: Run for Mangroves? Then join FTW Magazine race kit giveaway!

Like FTW Magazine Fanpage here and follow them on twitter @FTWMagazine here. Then follow the instructions below:
Place this on your status message, don't forget to tag us and tag few runners/friends in order for you to qualify.

Facebook Status:

I'm a winner therefore I'm running Condura Marathon! I've been training and preparing for my _______ ( how many times have you ran, distance).

Twitter: @FTWMagazine

I'm a winner and I'm running @ConduraMarathon 's _____ (distance)

They will announce the winner on January 30, 2012 and claiming of prize is on February 5, 2012 on site. Be sure you really want this!
Details for the race is here from pinoyfitness.com.
Let's run and save the mangroves!!!!
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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bigfish Manila : Trance Energy

Last Saturday Night was AWESOME!!! Bigfish Manila brought Dash Berlin to rock Trance Energy!

The line was long but it's worth the wait. As we wait for Ms Czeska of Rogue Digital, we saw lot of cute guys and gals to party with. The concept of the event is TRON (the movie) where Leathers and LED Lights mixed together, fashionably. Dash Berlin delivered a wonderful set and the lights are so awesome!!!

This is the first time I drank Bacardi with Power Horse Energy Drink. Super "Bangag" ako that night. I went home earlier and left my friends to go on with the party.

Here's a video of the event. Enjoy!

Don't miss out the next Bigfish event. It will be on March 02, 2012 BIGLOVE feat HedKandi + Chicane! Check www.bigfishmanila.com for more infos on the events lined up this year.

Work Hard, Party Harder!!!
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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tango Fire Live In Manila

First of all, I would like to thank FTW Magazine for giving us opportunity to experience and watch the most anticipated dance show this year, Tango Fire. Me and my friends, fellow bloggers, enjoyed the show. It was all trill and excitement as the show goes on and on.

On my personal insight, everything in the show was fantastic and superb. From the band, specially to the Violinist and the Accordion Player, the Vocal and all the Tango Dancers. The Dancers are like flying in the air while they do their steps and the passion for dancing was really seen. Maybe some will not appreciate the show if you're not into dancing or love watching shows that involves dance, but this show really blown me off.

Nakapanuod na ako ng Tango Dance before at CCP Complex but this is far better!!! You just want to see them dance again and again, specially the lifts and the rotation of the female dancers to the male dancers on their body. It's like making love through dancing! You'll crave for more and more! Too bad that they perform only for two night here in Manila. So next time they have performance here again, don't hesitate to buy tickets and watch them perform. You will not regret watching them specially if you love dancing.


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Thursday, January 5, 2012

My First Run (Reebok Zigtech Run)

This was my first time to run. After having many problems and challenges that came for the past months, I'm standing again on my own feet. I didn't say na nakatayo na ako totally. But atleast I'm moving na.

I was alone at the run. At first, gusto ko magback out. But when I saw Ms Kassy Parajillo, nabuhayan ako ng dugo na ituloy. She was an inspiration at sobrang bait! Nagulat ako kasi natandaan nya ako. Tinawag nya ako at bumeso. Nahiya ako and umalis kagad. While waiting for the run to start, stretching mode muna. As if naman na nakapag stretching ako ng tama. hahaha!

When the 3K runners were called, pumwesto na kami sa starting line. Syempre, bida ako eh. Sa pinakaharap ako pumwesto. And when I heard the gun shot, nagmadali na ako tumakbo. Run as fast as I can! I think I was at the first 5 person that time na nasa unahan. Then, when we made the first turn, ayun na! Pagod na ako kagad. Di naman kasi ako sporty na tao.

I almost want to quit na when we turned at PNB Bldg. But no!!! I will not quit on this. I want to finish this! I pull myself up and push myself to cross the finish line. And gladly, I did!

And someone took a very nice picture of me. Thank you Phillip BF!!! This picture made me happy in spite of all the depression I was having.

This is the beginning of my runs... Watch out for more!
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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

happy new year!!! 2012

In life, we see ourselves happy and sad. My wish for this year is to be happy and have contentment. Life is really not easy. People will tear you apart and some will help you to get back on your feet. Life's lesson last year was really great. Eventhough it fucked the hell out of me, it made me stronger.

I thank God for all the things He gave to me. I love you Lord.

Thank you for giving me friends to lean on...
Thank you for giving me foes to learn from...
Thank you for all the blessings you gave me to cheer me up...
Thank you for all the trials that made me stronger....
Thank you for my family that's always there for me...
Thank you for my other families for supporting me and comforting me...
Thank you for the love that I lost but learned so much more I can think of...

The past maybe over, but there will be no future without looking back to the past. Savour all the good memories and learn from all the mistakes. Life if good when you think it is good. And it can be even better and even great when you put God in all that we do.

Let's welcome 2012 with a bang!!! with our head held high!

May God bless us all!!! 


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