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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tango Fire Live In Manila

First of all, I would like to thank FTW Magazine for giving us opportunity to experience and watch the most anticipated dance show this year, Tango Fire. Me and my friends, fellow bloggers, enjoyed the show. It was all trill and excitement as the show goes on and on.

On my personal insight, everything in the show was fantastic and superb. From the band, specially to the Violinist and the Accordion Player, the Vocal and all the Tango Dancers. The Dancers are like flying in the air while they do their steps and the passion for dancing was really seen. Maybe some will not appreciate the show if you're not into dancing or love watching shows that involves dance, but this show really blown me off.

Nakapanuod na ako ng Tango Dance before at CCP Complex but this is far better!!! You just want to see them dance again and again, specially the lifts and the rotation of the female dancers to the male dancers on their body. It's like making love through dancing! You'll crave for more and more! Too bad that they perform only for two night here in Manila. So next time they have performance here again, don't hesitate to buy tickets and watch them perform. You will not regret watching them specially if you love dancing.



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