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Thursday, February 23, 2012

This Means War : There Is No Mistake In Life

In life, we see all our short comings as MISTAKES and often times we regret on it. Wishing that we could turn back time and undo it. If you could only buy time and go back.

In the movie This Means War, I learned that there are no mistakes in  our lives. All of it has a purpose. You will not be who you are right now if you will go back in time and undo things you regret. All we have to do is to move forward and accept things. It is hard but it will put you in a place wherein you will be who you are. And it will mold you and bring you to a better place.

Another learning, real friends will stick up to you no matter what. They will sacrifice there lives for you, in some cases. But... What is friendship, brotherhood, camaraderie, etc., to you? How far can you be a friend. Would you give up on the person that you like for your friend's sake because he/she likes him/her too?

THIS MEANS WAR now showing on theaters near you. Very good movie for 2012.


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