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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

FEB 14, 2012... Many of whom i know are single. Is it bad? Well for me, it is not. Being single on valentine's day is not a big deal for me. Yes, it's the day where we celebrate LOVE. But have you think that LOVE should be celebrated every day? Is Valentine's day only for couples? Many BBM (Blackberry Messaging) friends of mine were broadcasting messages to say "I Love You" to them, give message of LOVE if they like them. The hell with it. LOVE is not a game. I pity them actually. Sobrang ka cheapan!!!

I spend my Valentine's day with my cheer friends (cheerleaders). We ate dinner in Joey Pepperoni then we went to Central Makati. It was fun!!! Most of us, actually, all of us, were heartbroken and dismay with our recent break ups. But we manage to pull ourselves and be merry. Be contented with what we have and enjoy being SINGLE. We met knew people, and hopefully be new friends. Learn from each other's experiences.

Honestly, I was mad that night. Of all the revelations from my ex. But right now, I wish them that they'll be happy. I may sound bitter but honestly, I hope they last forever. I just hope that my ex-bf be mature enough and accept himself for who he is. Huwag niya sana paasahin kung sino man ang magiging partner niya.


Rebel kissed by two handsome guys.

Dinner at Joey Pepperoni.

Rebel, our tanggera for the night at Central Makati.

Writing at the freedom wall.

Kissed by a girl. Nice!!!


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