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Thursday, February 16, 2012

People We Meet... Live Freely!

In life, we meet many kinds of people. And most of the time, we become part of their lives. Friends, enemies, clients, competitors, suppliers, bosses, and many more. They will affect your life unconsciously. Sometimes, they even build you to become a better person and most of the time, they will destroy you. It's up to you how you will handle the situations that God has given you. It may be a challenge for some or a hindrance to what you want. Just believe that there's always a better tomorrow and always be positive to everything. Life is a gift and is short to waste to unwanted and bad vibes. Live your life as if tomorrow will be gone and you will live happy and with no regrets. Life is a test! Every minute and second of it is a test to prove how you can handle your life. Savour all the good ones and Learn from all the bad ones.

"Those who appear in our life, whether to help or to hurt are all given by GOD. Meet them with a peaceful heart but with a warrior spirit."

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