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Thursday, July 28, 2011

I will wait for you...

They are no words for me to ease all the pain I caused you. I dont know if you can still forgive me for what I did to you. Of all the screw ups I did, all the mess, all the pain I did. Im really am sorry. I will no longer defend myself for what I did to you. The right things to do now are admit, repent and not to do it again to anyone else, specially you.

Now, all I want is YOU! Nothing more and nothing less. Be a better person and make all the things right this time. Make the best of what we had and what we will have.

I want to start all over again. To make things right from the start. Erase all the bad memories and savour the best. Im not asking you to come back now, but maybe, just maybe, there will come a time that you will.


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